Woodworking Projects Magic Wine Bottle Holder

Really cool magic wine bottle holder, i will show you step, by step how to make this great little woodworking project. A quick woodwork project which is a lot of fun and a great gift. woodturning projects woodshop woodwork funkey balencing quick woodturning teenwoodworker woodturner woodworker diy hobbyist project easy wooden wood tips ticks tip trick
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13 Responses to “Woodworking Projects Magic Wine Bottle Holder”

  1. thank you …….enjoyed that ………..Tom

  2. @cobra4231
    Hey thanks man… :-)

  3. dude ur soo young but soooo talented i wish i was as talented as u :(

  4. @TeenWoodworker Ok, thanks I’ll give it a go =)

  5. @roscoinferno
    Ahh sorry i didn’t mention that. I used hot glue a lot in the workshop, by letting it almost set slightly (but not a lot) when yoiu press the two bits of wood together it holds just enough to drill but should pry off with a chisel faily easily. I really did this because it was such a large angle if it had been less you can just hold it in place.

    Hope this helps, thanks for watching!


  6. Hi Alex,

    This is a great video, but I have a question. How are you supporting the piece against the 45* block while drilling? I can’t figure it out!


  7. Great project. You clearly are an accomplished woodworker. Thanks!

  8. alexis221woodworks Reply April 25, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Hey nice work my friend

  9. @TeenWoodworker I think he means more simple projects done with this degree of professionalism and detail. You’re progressing quite well in your cinematography and the polish of your delivery. Keep up the good work and keep torturing that wood!

  10. @IrishWoodDoctor
    Thats funny, i hadnt even seen your video and we managed to do the same project.
    Thanks for watching,

  11. Cool! i made these for christmas gifts for some folks this year, along with other things of course too. I made a vid of it too its on my channel

  12. @poodle2426
    Thanks for watching, im not exactly sure what you mean by more, this was the whole process minus a few minutes of sanding. Any tips are valued,
    Thanks again,

  13. Really nice step by step tutorial. Would be nice to see some more if you could mate.